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Chair of Media / Culture / Gender

What are media? How do we define culture? Are gender identities natural or artificial, precondition or effect, a destiny or a technique? And how is all this related?

These are the kinds of questions addressed by the chair. The professorship was created in 2000 under the name “Gender and Media” and Prof. Dr. Marie-Luise Angerer was appointed to the post. In 2007, the chair was renamed “Media and Cultural Studies [Gender]” to reflect a realignment of its research: the diverse connections between gender, media technologies and culture are studied as a many-layered weave of interrelations. Within this approach, gender is understood as an analytical matrix, as a figure of thought and category of knowledge, as a socio-cultural construction, as an ideologizing praxis, as an object of media portrayal, and as a medium of the social.

The chair’s teaching and research programme deals with media, film and cultural theories, with approaches to science and technology, and with gender studies. Further focuses of inquiry include questions of human “nature” and “technology”, inclusion and exclusion in definitions of the human, and exploring the body as medium and in media.

Studies focus on media, technologies, discourses, artistic artefacts and practices, as well as exploring and reflecting on different methods of research in cultural and media studies.

The chair is part of the Network of Women’s and Gender Studies in North Rhine-Westphalia.


Karin Michalski
Kunst-/Medienwissenschaften, Gender
Prof. Dr. Marie-Luise Angerer
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