Art and Media Studies


The department of Art and Media Studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne brings together disciplines, perspectives, methods, research and ‘thinking practises’ that cannot be found in this kind of constellation at classic art schools:

Professors of media | culture | gender, art history in the context of media, music / sound / noise, experimental computer science, aesthetics, theory and design of hypermedia. These various orientations are united by an analytical-theoretical questioning of the arts and media together with conjecture in terms of its historical (diachronic) and structural (synchronic) contexts. 

Teaching and research in this department is at university standard, situated next to and in continual collaboration in artistic and design project developments at the academy. It nurtures numerous relationships to universities and non-university research institutions.

Alongside teaching and research, the department organises symposiums and lecture series as well as editing publications.

The department of Art and Media Studies at the KHM is strongly influenced by its position within an art school. The advanced forms of art that are represented at this academy are themselves already examinations of media, material etc. In harmony with this impulse, the department of Art and Media Studies is concerned with focused examinations of theoretical and historical points, the discursive conditions and social contexts of a media-supported self-criticism of the arts as well as an expanded, dynamic contemplation, interconnected with new themes, of its foundations and prospects.


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Offener Schaltkreis_Christoph Haag, Martin Rumori, Franziska Windisch, Ludwig Zeller, 2006